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The Nexus-S is the first PCI satellite card I've bought, installation is a breeze, its just slide the card into a free PCI slot and install the software. (I've had no problems at all using Multidec, Watch TV pro, or ProgDVB on a Windows 98 SE platform), along with this i  recently purchased 98cm Funke dish with a Cambridge Platinum 0.6dB MINI LNB which brings in a lot of channels from 19E including pay tv that the software CAN unscramble. I was using an 80cm dish but i did struggle to pick up all channels but the benefit of the 98cm Funke is amazing not even the downpours of rain that we are famous for in North Wales can budge this dish, clear picture 24/7.
Altogether this system has cost me 170 UKP for Nexus-S, 70 UKP for the dish and 22 UKP for the LNB.