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  My opinion of the Force receivers....

I have owned a Force receiver for a couple of year and boy has it been fun.

When I first purchased the box it had 2 embedded viaccess cams and 2 CI slots. Approx 1 year ago Force did an over the air upgrade to convert 1 of the viaccess slots to conax. I have since added an additional seca cam (version 1.05).

At frequent interval Force will update the box over the air from either 1 West or 19.2 East. This will fix bugs and also updates the channel list.

At first the force receiver used to lock up a bit (quite common for most digital boxes) but after 1 of the upgrades its been rock solid ever since.

The picture and audio quality is quite superb. The newer boxes also have optical and coaxial digital audio outputs.
If you want a nice lloking recevier that has plenty of channel capacity with awesome sound and visuals an easy menu then yes get a force receiver. Top it off with a DiSEqC motor and the world really is your oyster.

For more info please check the forum

Gareth (webmaster of dxers)

P.S I cant wait to get my hand on a Force 1189s - 2 x viaccess  + Conax cams 2 x CI plus PVR faciltiy using an 80Gb Hard disk.