Cryptik Digital H-H Mount

After many years of using my Nokia Sat1700 MKII with external positioner. I upgraded to Force receiver. For a long time I have used the Nokia to drive my Jaeger 90HH motor. This was ok (cheap) but very difficult to use.

So after speaking to it was time to upgrade to a Cryptik Digital motor (99) which works invisibly with the force.

Wow what a difference now it is a pleasure to use multi sats on this machine. Just select a channel and off she moves. The DiSEqc motors are slower than a traditional motor but are so much easier to set up and cable (uses LNB coaxial cable - not a separate 4 wires)

Would I recommend this motor - you bet.

Easy set-up - near silent - 3 year warranty - 49 sat positions

If you would like any more info/help just ask in the  forum.